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nice. the label thing has been done to death - a nike campaign with labels won a one show a few years back, but it's good for a student book. wish the lines had a bit more bite or something to them. but still nice overall.

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Mtl Dave
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This is nice stuf. Right on the concept of American Apparel.

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You guys do some pretty cool stuff out there in Boulder. I thought the Will Geddes cat worked there already? (saw his name in a CA article while back)

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Great work guys! Clever angle, nice art direction and copy. WAY more compelling to me than most any other clothing ads out there, and I'm not even American!

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im not sure how ethical american apparel appears to be after i read this...


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Could it also say...

Thanks to the well-paid American that made this, 12 unemployed Vietnamese people will go without food today.

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So what's the big deal? Someone coming back from a fully paid vacation? Totally agree with copyboy.

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