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I would sell fruit to mothers not FHM readers just my first thought.

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Jon-Paul Mountford
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As a set these work really well.
This is the best out of the three,
The black and white is a great choice, moves them into the need to takesecond glance zone.

I agree with earlier posts, that it's hitting the wrong market (men).

Will women buy more fruit because of them - probably not.
BUT it will make guys talk about "hey have you seen those fruit adverts", job done.

I kinda doubt that a fruit version of a guys lunchbox would get the girls talking in the same way.

when do you suppose wonderbra will move into fruit?

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it's forced, it's easy, it's first idea, and it's targeted to the wrong people.
besides, why black and white??? it's a supermarket, it has to communicate freshness, among other things... i really don't think this campaign is working at all. it's bad.

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I like this one best out of the three. Visually it works well and the black and white add to the "sexyness" of the sexual innuendo but like everyone else is saying this is speaking to the wrong audience(men).

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nice art direction, the 3 of them

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gee...satisfy ur appetite for sex at a supermarket by ogling at fruit in a sexual way?

Oh do that all things.


Not all who wander are lost.

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And no...i'm not warming up to these.


Not all who wander are lost.

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sex sells (do not konw if it will work in this instance) good luck

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thats what sex is all about ! its fun ! ABSOLUTELY AWESOME !

catmando, nepal