AMCV: Sombras Chinesas

How long are you going to continue watching this show?
Many Portuguese homes are the stage for domestic violence. An unacceptable show in no way suitable for children and tragically, the final act is very often, death. Domestic violence is the fourth most registered crime in Portugal. Watching all this in silence is to turn a blind eye to the violence, it is being a puppet in the hands of the aggressor. Speak out against domestic violence. Don¹t be part of the audience, be part of the solution.

Advertising Agency: DDB Lisboa, Portugal
Creative Director: Alexandra Duarte
Art Director: Federico Barbato
Copywriter: Nelson Quadros
Photographer: Sniper Shot Pedro Nóbrega
Post-production: Sniper Shot, Márcio Santos

November, 2010


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Like, and it reminded me of this tune that I also like:

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Hey, this is Shadow puppetry Show, one of China's oldest theatrical forms. It's not about violence at all, it's a kind of art and very hard to play. Actually as a Chinese, I want to see more and hope this old art lives on and on and don't disappear as other old art forms.

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Who said that?

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Sad, puppet show has nothing to do with what is here. It is confusing now.

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