Amboss: Haircut, 2

Precision scissors.

Advertising Agency: Saint Elmo's, Munich, Germany
Creative Director: Markus Wälde
Art Directors: Daniel Rödel, Francika Tidlacka, Barbara Franke
Copywriter: Nicolai Herrmann
Illustrator: Philipp Obermayer
Photographer: Igor Siwanowicz

December 2008


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What is the idea ?...most consumers will reject this ad, me too!

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I think the idea is that with these scissors you can cut so precisely, you can even give a haircut for a tiny bug.

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Oh thanks - it`s understandable! You`re not always sure about that, are you?

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haha i like it.

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nice work but, no brand pull!

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Ain`t that the reason for advertising? To get your brand better known? I think they did a good job!

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No. The purpose of advertising is to *sell* a product or service. You can't really sell a brand.

I think, therefore... yeah.

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You are wrong. When you buy a pair of nike shoes, you aren't buying a pair of shoes; you are buying an attitude.

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love the idea...super cool

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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A.G. Pennypacker
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Nice idea but DAMN these bugs are unattractive. And why precision scissors? Maybe it should be precision cuts.

"I have a screen name because not having one is for pussies."

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Nice campaign. Period.

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JAJA..these are nice


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There is no 'precision', the 'scissors' is far fetched.

~~this paranoid survived!~~

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You think? Well cutting insects "hair" sure is precise I think. In my opinion those are the best ideas, where you have to think a bit - I like it!

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Old idea.

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Really? Never seen this before - I think it rocks! Well they look kinda creepy - but ain`t it more gamy than if it were Disney-Style?

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Thanks - yeah. We thought of "Disney-Style" as you called it briefly - but than we all suddenly got distracted by our jawbones snapping due to yawning.

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Nice - but what did the copywriter do? ;-)

Imwrittenwith-c-and-ai's picture
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No comment. ;-)

Well if you must know, brought client, photographer, 3D-artist and idea on that one.

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This is just pure shit, fact. Why put a wig on a bug and talk about precision scissors?

Imwrittenwith-c-and-ai's picture
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Hmm- we kind of expected that point of view. Well the original idea was with a housefly where you cut all the bristles away except the ones on the head, but that just looked too ugly really. ;-) We favored the portrait-like style then. Found that just more visually appealing.
That was the one "Looks over realism"-decision here.
And with a bit of imagination you can think about those "wigs" (if you still want to see them as such) having to be cut too, can`t you? But thanks for the refreshing honesty, dear guest! :-)

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good picture good c g

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hmmm... i like it! ;-)


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I have a problem with the fact none of these insects actually have some kind of hair on their little heads. There's nothing to cut.
Instead if you would have thought further, you could have chosen a bumble bee. They are completely covered with 'hair' and look much cuter as well and not repulsive at all.

Imwrittenwith-c-and-ai's picture
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Hi! As I wrote two entries ago, bumble bees or houseflies were actually my first idea.
But whoa these things look bad-ass with their huge fangs, those bumble bees! Ever seen one close-up? Gave me nightmares!
Well this here is fantasy, of course. But we all really liked the looks far better. Well, tastes are different, aren`t they? :-)

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