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whoa! great...I'm gonna buy one of those and sell my lemon for a ridiculous amont of money! ¬¬

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Hmmmm. The original idea is quite novel. However, within a nano-second I spotted a flaw.

Unless Ambi Pur is so toxic - sorry, smelly - how can these people stealing the car
or applying graffiti or even the chap looking to buy a jalopy know that these vehicles even have an air freshner in them?

Not thought through. One of the two CDs should have picked that up - and if they'd not also been the creatives on this job they might have done exactly that.

djcool's picture
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When buying a car, u get to look inside and check everything out. So, he must have smelt it while checking the car out.

Doing what I do best!

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If the added value of this car comes from Ambi Pur then I think Ambi Pur is pretty f***ing expensive.

Chris's picture
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Do you think this could work without line?

nish's picture
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What a tall, unbelievable promise, even by advertising standards.

mikelite's picture
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i agree, complete & utter crap.

lara's picture
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probably nose work more than eyes..........r u telling me this

lara's picture
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definately would work more if it would read like " hypnotizing smell.........makes ur car more desirable"

act's picture
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what is an expensive smell? and how convincing is it when the product itself looks so cheap.

fbasquiat's picture
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What a beautiful scam ad.

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How is this MY car, if its still in the car lot? I don't know. I don't find this campaign solid at all.

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This ad is still fun. This was definitely the first execution they came up with. The other ones are just lame. This idea was flawed from the start because of the many reasons mentioned here already and it is not expandable. Sad actually, the art direction is quite good.

Quill's picture
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i like it

Pila's picture
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this ad has legs. the graffiti one , nah.


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I quite like this one. Simple, cheesy but fun. The other two are not as good though.

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Well done wankers!

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