Ambi Pur In Car: Bobbing Dog

Cures car smells.

Advertising Agency: JayGrey Sydney Australia
Creative Director: Jay Furby
Art Director / Copywriter: Jay Furby, David White
Photographer: Gary Sheppard
Producer: Jusles Zuppacich
Retoucher: marcus@cave
Account Services: Claire Manning, Vanessa Long


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Juan Cabral
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Could someone, please, explain me the idea?

Advertiser who won 10 or more lions in the last 10 years.
And I am not the real Juan Cabral, guys. So sorry for that!

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Jaap Grolleman
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it's one of those dogs with wobbly heads that people put in the car

apparently the car smells so bad he pulls his head in

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Do you know the dogs that move the head while the car is riding...?... This ad shows how this little funny dog get it's head inside because of the smell of the car... then, if your car smells that bad and your little funny dog hides it's head, you've got to use ambipur.-

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Wow thanks Jack & Guest! Speaking of a hidden message...

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At first I thought it is an anti-speeding campaign. The dog looks like he's scared more than disgusted.

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yeah fit right on that concept, or "When u drink don't drive"

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Rami Qaddoumi
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its funny because he fart and i think he said ooooops :)

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yea... I think this more like the idea behind.

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hehehe funny!

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What does "not sticking your neck" out have to do with his nose?


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and i thought it is an ad for car air-conditioner...

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I agree with Klincz. Was also the first thing i thought! The second thing was about a dog that actually wanted to be a turtle!

Hate advertising? Make better ads.

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Stop using dog´s car!!!!!

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doesn't work, he can still smell. fail.

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No usen más esos perritos por Diosssssss, están en millones de avisos, han salido con cuello ortopédico, ahora esconden la cabeza, salen solos, con familia, etc... no más.

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I think it's pretty bloody obvious what it's for.

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the most smart thing about this ad is LeeHarvey comment.

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i think you can create something better guys...

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i think you can create something better...

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i dont like the idea

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Jay, 1995 called, it wants its ad back.

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averagely Ok idea


~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

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Yeah they should really stop using those erm whatever you call them...the dashboard toys...

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an ad works by joining the visual the line and the packshot together...if you don't get that you don't get advertising. when you join these three together in this ad it makes perfect communication...i like it.

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It seems frightened rather than nauseated.

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This is an ad for Ambi Pur vehicle air fresheners. It shows a bobble-head dog with his head in, showing that the car smells bad. This awakens a perception that the consumer’s car will smell much better than it currently does if they purchase an Ambi Pur air freshener.

I believe this ad serves its purpose. It delivers a very simple message, and causes the reader to reflect upon the smell of his/her vehicle. Since this is not something we always think of, it is a reminder that your car will smell better if you have an Ambi Pur air freshener in it. It provokes the audience to take action and purchase the product to gain the benefit of a great-smelling car.

One way this ad could be improved is by providing further information to the audience. If the company provided a website, the reader could find further information such as where to buy the product and the various scents offered.

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hahaha.. great

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