Alzheimer Society of Montréal: Zero

Advertising Agency: Cossette Montréal, Canada
Chief Creative Officer: Michel De Lauw
Creative Director: Laurent Prud'homme
Art Director: Maxime Sauté
Copywriter: Etienne Mérineau
Published: December 2010


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Ron Burgundy
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I like the photography

This is a serious subject since I too have a family member that is effected by this,(Not trying to be negative) but other than telling me that he has no memory with a computer pun, how are we saving hope

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Ah. Didn't see the full campaign. Had to delete a rant.

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LAME. Why do people pick up trends and everyone ends up doing bad work around the same topic? Please leave Alzheimer alone. It is a serious thing.

And then GOD said...
Let there be creativity!!!

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Alberto Blackberry
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It's a quite simple idea. Not very creative

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There is an idea.

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Dat Le
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I understand the idea after watching the other video, but as a standalone ad, I don't think many people will truly understand the message. I actually really like the idea of comparing human memory to computer memory (I think we would all freak out if we found out that our computers can hold 0 MB of information), but this execution doesn't communicate that effectively.

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