Altoids: Impression, 3

Don't let your breath make the first impression

Advertising School: Miami Ad School Europe, Hamburg, Germany
Art Director: Gordian Frank
Copywriter: Gordian Frank
Teacher: Michael Schachtner, Y&R New York

December 2009


ShaniG's picture
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What the hell does his breath smells like?
Cool idea, a WTF execution.

satrianee's picture
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This man forced to be a Greek I guess... Is he? and if he is, how does a greek's breath smell?

ryan_anderson's picture
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i think the idea of the whole campaign or the insight is that you can clearly see what that person had for dinner / lunch.
not that all people from these countries have bad breath.

so calm down, really smart thought and nice art!!!

f10.Sevilla's picture
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Great idea, confusing outcome, the fact that people think you're generalizing greeks as people that have bad breath shows you made a mistake. I didnt see it like that at first, but obviously people do.


Tommy G.'s picture
Tommy G.
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A bit weak, this company needs a real good start to challenge the other companies.

Muhammad Imran's picture
Muhammad Imran
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Love it! 8*

HP's picture
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Guys, awesome. congrats! Nice illus btw!

bobby666's picture
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nice concept, nice illustartion but wrong depiction has screwed the idea totally. thts wht we call in advertising parlance - bad advertising.

silvi's picture
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Don´t get it

Veerendra Moodi's picture
Veerendra Moodi
40 pencils

nice art........ ok

Veerendra Moodi

dnyanesh's picture
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good work

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