Altoids: Impression, 1

Don't let your breath make the first impression

Advertising School: Miami Ad School Europe, Hamburg, Germany
Art Director: Gordian Frank
Copywriter: Gordian Frank
Teacher: Michael Schachtner, Y&R New York

December 2009


tirthomitro's picture
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not bad for ad school material.

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

satrianee's picture
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Too bad for ad school material... Once start like this, nothing better comes later. This is racist man.

the_lizard_king's picture
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Its a sad ad! Nothing that really activates my creative cells

And then GOD said...
Let there be creativity!!!

Nukeemall's picture
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Cool art

alexander_bickov's picture
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I think nice ad

ryan_anderson's picture
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haha really funny! good one!
i don´t think it is racist at all. As far as I get the idea it is about the breath. And to be honest if you eat italian or turkish it has a really unique smell so that you can totally say what a person had for dinner / lunch.

for me clever insight, nice art!

maranca82's picture
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Just because those foods have a pungent smell doesn't mean you have to personify it and offend people. The insight was good, but there's a better way to execute this.

To illustrate my point, this is being misconstrued by everyone commenting that all Italians/Turks/etc have bad breath.

Nice art, though!

Psychonautical's picture
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Ignorance is all that it shows when people immediately jump to the conclusion that something is racist. Like with Satrianee, instead of even commenting on the fact that a region/country/people are often defined by their cuisine. She chose to simply state that the add is racist because of her own interpretation. I agree that this could have been accomplished in a different way, without using a caricature face like it did. But I highly doubt any other way would work as effectively as this did.

satrianee's picture
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I'm not offended personally. But please be honest to see how "different" these "other" people are illustrated. Not just with the smelly food wrapped around them but also with exagerated face, hair and other body parts... That's why I think the idea is forced too badly.

I'm totally with you that it's effective... But not in a good way. And I'm sure it's done by someone who could not find another (and better) way that work just as you could not.

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Don Rapper
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i totally agree with satrianee.
These ads may be offensive. I am not Italian, nor greek, nor Turk, but if i were i would be mad as hell. I mean, imagine someone makes an ad exactly like these, but instead puts a German-like guy with Beer and sausage breath. They would be offended as well.
There are millions of ways to send this message without offending anyone.

Advertising is a double edged weapon.
See the WWF World Trade Center ad, for example...

monsieurange's picture
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No me gusta el arte, está viejo, tampoco las ideas, creo que se quedaron cortas y los insights están raros, no sé si den con el target.

f10.Sevilla's picture
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Still love the idea, the reference to the food should have been more clear, im sure they werent going for the racist ad. hehe


werbefuzzi35's picture
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I think the Idea is old, seen it thousands of times people that talk like what they ate, that look like what they had for lunch, that have nametags with what they had for dinner. Beside that I think the ad is racist but hey, fuck it they are students let's see how they do trying to sell this to a client in a near future.

firebug's picture
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good IDEA and ART too

bobby666's picture
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good concept but wrongly depicted and wrongly decoded by the audience has let down the idea. please take care dudes from next time.

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