Alto Rosario Shopping: Sunglasses

That purse she didn't buy for herself when she gave you the Battlecat came into fashion. Happy Mother's Day.

Advertising School: UAI Rosario, Argentina
Teacher: Javier Birollo Sosa
Art Director: Germán Bertino
Copywriters: Cristian Lazaro, Nicolás Curatolo


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nice, funny.

miko1aj's picture
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took me some time to get, but I like it very much. It's nicely art directed.
Only on e complain to the logo. It's ugly. And it's lil' bit too big.

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Qué bonita!!!!! Enhorabuena. Un insight tan real como genial.

kleenex's picture
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Love the concept.

mattndan's picture
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Too complicated, but I like the idea. A bit of craft and it could be good, but seems like a lot of work for a mother's day tactical ad.

Guidos's picture
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don't know if the glasses or the other times really need to be on the left side as well..
it doesn't add anything

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i like it

groovy baby!

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The readable copy outside is add to a boringzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.....

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