Alpina: Read!

Look at all you´ve been missing out on because you didn´t have the vitality to read.

This ad was make for the a book fare of Bogotá.

Advertising Agency: Lowe/SSP3 Bogotá, Colombia
Creative Directors: Margarita Olivar
Art Director: Margarita Olivar
Copywriter: Juan Carlos González

May 2008


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R. Rinaldi
686 pencils

So do I.

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This is wonderful!

Trivia is vital...

1983's picture
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The art is like Eugene Cheong Ads!!!

KerryChild's picture
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Beetles taste like apples? Ah, the adventures of Lowe/SSP3 and their Fearfactor canteen...

Really enjoyed reading that. Pity about the typo in line 6.

Alistair C.'s picture
Alistair C.
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i like the copy (though nothing original in it), but the head is not very convincing and the typface is terrible!! i struggled to read the enlarged jpeg on a 19" screen. The letters are too condensed and there is not enough spacing between lines.

1838 pencils

Not a bad idea. But it lacks the flow to maintain you through the whole ad though. Not sure if that matters, cos it still works.

We're going to need more lube.

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1953 pencils

might as well put this at the start and end of a newspaper.

anyway some of the 'facts' inside are false. so easy to just cut and paste from the internet, so tiring to verify.

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115 pencils

couldn't be bothered to read it. HL gave it away already. Viagra, anyone?

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If nothing else I learned that Slugs have four noses, Coke used to be green and Cockroaches live 9 days without a head.
Great read. I can exersise my strongest muscle with some of these facts when the conversation falls flat at dinner tonight,

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88 pencils

"when the conversation falls flat at dinner tonight" would have been a better headline.

XTG's picture
1355 pencils

i like the idea, but it needs a more powerful headline and some kind of narrative: it's funny to read about this trivia, but to just write fact after fact is not so interesting as if they made some connection between them. still it's good imho :)

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57 pencils

Looks like the copywriter typed random facts into google.
Could not be bothered reading all of it... a nicer typeface might have made this a little stronger.

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8 pencils

I think it's smart. Most people start off reading and then scan the page quickly because they're bored. The only thing they effectivly really read is the headline, one or two lines of copy AND the last line. You need to know how it ends. There it says you have vitality if you read the entire piece. And since you didn't, you should buy Alpina Oatmeal.

No idea how effective it is, but the insight is nice.

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i already know all of this stuff

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88 pencils

hats off.

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-FRESH is spelled incorrectly, 6th line down.

-LITERATURE is spelled incorrectly, 26th line down.

-IT'S should be ITS, 33rd line down.

Also, half of those "facts" are simply urban legends, which is irksome. For instance, US law does NOT require every 5th mile of interstate highways to be straight for aircraft landing during emergencies. Why in the hell would they land aircraft on a highway, blocking all other transportation efforts? This law does not exist. All you have to do is drive on a freeway to realize this :P

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rarely should one write block texts

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It is interesting. Once you start reading,you keep going even as you realize that it is a ploy to keep you reading. not too bad


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Paula M2R
11 pencils

aburrido.... las personas ya no tienen el gusto por la lectura. por lo tanto no le pondrán cuidado

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