kbahey's picture

Not clear to me.

Polar Bear's picture
Polar Bear

It appears to be a literacy campaign. Those who can't read see Hieroglyphs instead of actual words. So this would be seen through the eyes of an illiterate? Cute, but a little forced.

Brainsugar's picture
1625 pencils

Nice. Like it.

It's a rebus. People are talking with drawings. They don't know how to write.

jiki's picture

tricky :\

laralu's picture

It's not tricky, the text is a classic french puzzle game where each drawing represents a part of a word. When you know all of them you get a sentence which says exactly what the translated copy does.

Ex: sie-ile-nez-pas-fa-cile-.. etc etc.... (S'il n'est pas facile )

For french speakers this is relevant :P

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Thank you, laralu! Now I get it.

Spanky's picture
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from an art direction standpoint, it doesn't make sense to print the logo and other type on the notebook page. either hand draw/write them. or set them in the layout.

Disco Munky's picture
Disco Munky
3890 pencils

You obviously have never seen a notebook with anything printed in the margins in your life.

Stick to writing birthday cards dipsh*t.

Doin' it for the points

Spanky's picture
4899 pencils

no, i have not seen notebooks with shit printed on them, running over the lines no less. probably because they exist no more in this world than your intelligence does. stick to making an ass out of yourself on here. it's obviously the only thing you're good at.

kgeiger's picture
7287 pencils

I've seen all sorts of stuff with both words and images printed on them. Including notebooks.

Disco Munky's picture
Disco Munky
3890 pencils

Spanky has crabs.

I know because we caught them off his mum.

Best (and cheapest) 45 seconds Ever.


Doin' it for the points

Rog's picture
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There's a good idea in here...
with some clunky copy, confusing it.
Looks like my doodle pad during a brief.

>>>> Go Power >>>>

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

hang-the-dj's picture
1262 pencils

Yeah, I thought this was gonna be good from the thumbnail, but it's kinda half-baked.

Couple more hours consolidating/simplifying the images and copy might have helped.

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Please walk your talk.

kgeiger's picture
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Ok. I get the idea, but the big question is does the rebus mean anything in French? Because if it does, then this advert is really engaging. If not, it was a waste of a great opportunity.

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the english text below the ad is the translation of the solved rebus.
get it?

kgeiger's picture
7287 pencils

Ahhh. Ok. Then I really like this advert. A lot.

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