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this might be the worst campaign i've ever seen. it's easily the worst i've seen posted here.

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Don't be too hasty.
You'll need to lower your standards, Spankmeister! :)

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Looks like in-house filler.

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this is from a different era. or parallel universe.

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(this one is repeated)

This kind of product is new for me (in Argentina we still have text sms), and I think there are a lot of more ideas that could suit better.

We don´t know what creatives here were asked to comunicate, but this is almost stupid.

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kareem zalatimo

good IDEAA
simple :)

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I like the 40's style illustrations, friendly and fun.
Overall design could do with more funk, and poss exaggerated treatment on headline - ie more perspective, zoomy like.

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Here's a campaign on the same topic.

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that puts things in perspective. thanks.

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i was just sick on my desk ...

Strip. Strip. Strip.

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