Allen Solly: Car

I hate ugly

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Bangalore, India
Creative Directors: Malvika Mehra, Amit Akali, Vipul Thakkar
Art Director: Ajesh N
Copywriter: Kunj Shah
Photographer: Steve Koh
Retouching: Studio Rom, MV Gopinath
Typography: Vincent Vadakkan, Ajesh N

October 2009


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J Designer
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For some reason I don’t like these ad’s, but they arent all that bad. I think its the “I Hate Ugly” line that I don’t like, and the horrible fonts used.

With out that line I would really like these ads.

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The reason I don't like them is because there's no idea.

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Most fashion ads don't. It's about the styling only.

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while you are right, Ivan, I think these guys have tried to infuse a concept here. look... the models are trying to make ugly things look better.

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i like this ad and there are idea too....

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i like the car and also i like ad good work.

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I like. Fashion advertising rarely has some product benefit to fall upon and it's all left to advertising to deliver affinity towards the brand. With 'I hate ugly' they have the potential to take it beyond advertising and create buzz.

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Line is fine. But I think the font for the graffiti should be less like "ugly"

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There most be a way to make creative fashion ads. Somebody know some case? Showme, please!

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This is in India?
Cool, India is getting better :)
Please don't brag "it has always been bla bla bla".
It has never been.

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great shot. great layout. everything is justified nicely.

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i dont like the typography,.... the perspective should have been worked out instead of placing it straight up!

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Guest | Tue, 2009-11-17 14:08

This is in India?
Cool, India is getting better :)
Please don't brag "it has always been bla bla bla".
It has never been.

Grow up you racist.
why dont u show some guts by logging in and then posting your wisecracks.
and btw your comment just reflects the height of your ignorance.

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