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It's a "so what" idea to me.

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Shaq # 34 represents the mack truck heavy-strong and #20 is another basketball i forgot but he represents the brick wall. Only here in the U.S. will understand the meaning of this.

Arnold Santillan

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yeah,,either way...the art direction is horrible

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Way too forced.

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this is absolutely awful!

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ivan, why is this here, what is so great about it? if i didn't get it, pls explain.

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Two basketball players bang into each other. That represents a truck which strikes a wall, to express the physical shock.

On Bestadsontv.com it was elected as best print of the week. ;)

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another analogy ad.

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i like the idea visualizing the game with a heavy duty vehicle, the wall and the crash. Buuut the execution i don´t like. simple photoshop "past into" work. the players should be build of real parts of a trucks and walls, to make them frightfull realistic like the shoes they are wearing to transfer the dramatic of the sport into real life.

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I agree with AdDavid. What's great about it.
Never got it when I saw it on bestadsontv.com Never understood why it got best print of the week on bestadsontv.com Now that I know the 'Thinking' behind it I still dont know why it got best print of the week or why it's getting the recognition here. Looks average also.

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Love this. It's a simple metaphor idea, sure, but the concept is very fitting for an NBA all-stars game, and it has that whole Nike attitude thing going on. And despite what everybody else is saying, I think it's beautifully executed. That's just me.

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definitely just you..

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Disco Munky
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To use the lingo. This is whack. All Star Game? more like All Sucks Ass Game.

I know that doesn't make sence. Niether does your face....I mean this ad.

Doin' it for the points

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