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So what? What is the idea?

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The product shot looks like an Iris pen (www.irislink.com), which are handheld scanners that include translation software. Good idea, the benefit is clear.

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Done, done, done ....

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by all of composition of "A" "L" "L"
they're look like "ZEN" (KANJI in japan or china)
and "ZEN" meaning is "all" too

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Zen isn't 'All'... and it's not written like the ad above, but like this >http://www.astromagik.com/Zen.jpg

Zen is pronounced as 'Chan', while the word above is pronounced as 'Quan'. The above word is 'All' or 'Everything' in Chinese.

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Zpolice thanks, now i get it, nice, good work!!!

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Gorilla Lover
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Looks like ALL to me. Then I say, what's the point? Is there a translation on the tagline?

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great idea, great art execution too. Only those fluent in chinese and english will get it I suppose, but it doesn't matter since it speaks to the target audience.

Copy at the bottom roughly means "Fast english to chinese translation"

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if we translate the english word "ALL" to chinese, it's 全.
the concept divided the chinese character to 3 letters A-L-L.
and they are selling a translate machine.
it seems a hand held scanner with a display scan and translate the word instantly.

This similar concept can easily be seen in Hong Kong.
Nothing really special here :)

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