Alka-Seltzer: Champagne

Advertising Agency: BBDO Puerto Rico
Creative Director: Rafael Sepulveda
Art Director / Photographer: Iancarlos Reyes
Copywriter: Antuan Vazquez
Published: June 2008


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Cool. Like the photography

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great art, nice concept

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Ed Mintone
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very cool... i like 'em.

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These are great. Good insight, simple ad.

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Nothing in here. Can't understand what's so great about it.

~~this paranoid survived!~~

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must be fantastic being this ignorant..sheesh.

I'll type slowly.

Alka Seltzer takes the edge off when you might over indulgence in such products like
beer & champagne for exmaple...

oh hang on...that's what these ads say!!

I'm off to the pub.

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we get it. but there should be more. and i don't think champagne is the right drink for this.

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I agree. I'm missing the martini glass with the olive on the table or a big cocktail glass with a paper umbrella...

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Ice Lenny
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Its Friday here in Kenya join for cold one.

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is it fresh?

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La Bravo
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El martini, ni el otro cocktail que mencionas, produce espuma cuando lo sirves. Por tanto, se pierde la referencia.

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Es cierto, sin embargo la idea no está en la espuma, sino en la utilización de tragos característicos que remiten a la fiesta de la noche anterior... Nótese que en ambas piezas, el fondo es de día en la cocina, no de noche en el bar.

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La Bravo
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Claro, estoy de acuerdo. Lo había notado... pero la similitud de los tragos termina de amarrar el concepto. Nótese además la diferencia en la cantidad de espuma en la birra y en la copa de champagne. Anyway, qué satisfactorio es discutir una buena pieza entre colegas. Cheers!

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; )

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nice and clean!

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