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Me gusto

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yummy piggy! burp!

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the mighty ham
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This one doesn't work as well as the crab. The pig just looks delicious.

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niiiice... But the copy is poorly translated.

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The copy is perfectly translated, that's called ancient narrative (I know that and I don't even speak english). And it's the first ad in years that actually made me laugh. Smart, simple, nicely done. Congrats crew.


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Ancient narrative...uhmmm.

Please forgive me since my native tongue is not english.

But first, the ads don't needs copy at all.... and second, in the context of this ad, I don't really find the need for such narrative since it does not dimension the idea.

and...if this is the first ad in years that made you laugh..... well....no comment.

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sorry don't know what d product is all abt plz narrate its a request by d way it luk good still

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