Alka Seltzer: Beware of the evil food, Bacon

Beware of the evil food. Alka Seltzer

Advertising Agency: Almapbbdo, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director: Luiz Sanches
Art Directors: Denis Peralta, Guilherme Sakosigue
Copywriter: Andre Kassu
Illustrator: Marco Furtado
Published: March 2010


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Really crazy thought and funny execution!


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Funny. But I'm not sure about 'BEWARE'. It doesn't tie up the whole thing to the product. Maybe something like: When food gets evil.

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I love the post-production and think that the concept is good, yet I agree with what you had said. I think the wording should be arranged in a way to suggest that the reader should retaliate against "evil food". Telling me to beware of these high-fat foods that will leave me with an upset stomach will probably encourage me to simply avoid them rather than to eat them, receive symptoms of an upset stomach, and then use alka-seltzer.

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Food is always evil if you drop it there where you don't want it like your clothes.....

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hilarious and that's it.

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dont think its funny, but that's just my opinion

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opinion is like butt, everybody has it.

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3 ideas in one:
food that becomes evil (1) why? because digestion blah...
with/and tabasco(2) oh its not the bacon, now its the tabasco...
alka seltzer (3) ah ok, i thought the bacon becomes evil because of the tabasco... this ad is for alka seltzer!!! :))) aaaah now i get it...

if the idea would just be evil-food... thats easier, so much to understand :)


beautiful execution, nice tone.

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Reality Check
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It's deliciously warped, deceptively clever and undeniably fun. Isn't that enough?

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Joe 47
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Wowwwww brilhant!!!.......

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So that food is supposed to make my eyes hurt? Looks great, message is off. The should be attacking your stomach.

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It's funny, but the benefit is not implicit.

Nicely executed though.

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nice one

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agreed nice execution but message is not clear

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