Alican Dog Food: Family treat, Hamper

Family treat.

Advertising Agency: TBWA Dominicana, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Executive Creative Director: Katy Capriles
Copywriter: Fernando Muñoz
Art Director: Giselle Navarrete
Photographer: Sahira y Geber
Published: September 2010


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family treat? sounds like kids can eat it too, is that right?

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i think dog are now like family members not just pets, and that you should treat them like so.

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Anonymous Author
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Don't anthropomorphise dogs. They hate it.

Write a wise saying and your name will live forever – Anonymous.

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The copy totally ruins the entire campaign for me. Family treat implies that the dog food is a treat (?) for the entire family (dog + humans). I cannot think of another interpretation.

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Yea this is weird. All of the ads show that the dog is a part of the family, just like another human. The food packaging has all dogs so it's obviously dog food only. I'm interested to learn what exactly they're going for here.

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I believe what they're going for is "the dog is part of the family", but the tag line is... just not cutting it.

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Phil Lestino
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They've got fed up with the yappy dog and thrown him in the washbasket

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I'm really confused! What's the point of the campaign? I see how it is implying that the dog is part of the family - but what is the benefit of Alican over other dog food?

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next one, the toilet ! (could be funny :-)...
ok ok i go back to home ;-)

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its just funny but not that well executed...

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You love your baby and give him johnson and johnson products if you love your Dog give him Alican. They should have thought some other line dog is family and alican the family member's (DOG) treat good do othes share it the other members lolzzzzzzzzz!

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The idea is bad, don't make me buy Alican for my dog and the execution it's the classical layout for festivals. Booooringg

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felicidades a mis amigos Sahira y Geber... :) √√√√√√√√√√

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