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I like the models of this campaign !

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Seriously? no!

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I'll probably be in the minority here, but damned if I don't love these.

There's a human insight here which is too often neglected, a prospect I've only seen championed (well, in any case) by Sailor Jerry rum -- and that's sometimes, drinking is a challenge. Especially for younger demographics (early twenties). You want to drink the harshest (yet still delicious) liquors, and you want to drink a lot of it. You want to make mistakes.

On those grounds, I can only say that this is a really unique, inspired campaign.

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Milan Solanki
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this is good, but way too perspective. This implies to attract only those people who are severely troubled with their life. they could be one of the targets but they are not the only target considering even seriously hard liquor

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should be "mary had a little lamb. UNTIL i took her to the abattoir"

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