Alexander Forbes: Papyrophobia

There are lots of things to be scared of. Insurance needn't be one of them.

Advertising Agency: Bester Burke Slingers, Cape Town, South Africa
Executive Creative Director: Stephen Burke
Creative Director: Wallace Seggie
Photographer: Barry White
Copywriter: Jed Dawson


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hm. another "and now for something completely different" campaign. but who fears insurance? i mean, it's a pain in the ass alright, but comparing it to phobia? rather weak conctept. but i think they made the best out of it

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What does it matter?
you could keep this idea for the right product. That is not an insurance company for sure.
not clever.

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Blair Semenoff
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Totally agree with both comments

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Lovely campaign. Comparing very irrational fears to real fears like insurance. Works for me.

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An ok idea but the beautiful art direction makes up for it.

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