Alexander Forbes: Chronophobia

There are lots of things to be scared of. Insurance needn't be one of them.

Advertising Agency: Bester Burke Slingers, Cape Town, South Africa
Executive Creative Director: Stephen Burke
Creative Director: Wallace Seggie
Photographer: Barry White
Copywriter: Jed Dawson

May 2009


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great compaign

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This one is the best

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Nice idea, but you can put any number of products/services in there and it would work.

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I really like the visuals. But why don't they refer it to their product instead of keeping the connection absolutely random? What about something like "[...] A stolen car needn't be one of them"? (It's a little inaccurate, I know, but I still find it more suitable.)

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nice campaign

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Yes, I agree. The strongest in the campaign. It all makes sense to me. To dramatize their creative strategy they have made fun of some of the most bizarre phobias. The line "There's lots to be scared of..." is a huge understatement and gives the ad some humor. As always, it's subjective.

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