Alessi: The Four Gracious Plants, Chrysanthemum

The Four Gracious Plants consist of an oriental painting of plum-blossom, orchid, chrysanthemum and bamboo which is the traditional concept connecting the image of these plants to the image of Korean. An oriental painting of plum-blossom effloresces before the snow melts in early spring nevertheless of the cold and the orchard emits delicate scents to the remote mountain. Chrysanthemum busts out in late fall in spite of the first cold and frost and bamboo keeps the green and fresh leaves in cold winter. The order of an oriental painting of plum-blossom, orchid, chrysanthemum and bamboo follows spring, summer, fall and winter whose orders are the sequences of the time of blossom each. It not only expresses seasons but also it contains the idea of the ‘classical scholar spirit.’ In other words, through the Four Gracious Plants, I intended to show the everlasting mind and will and I sought for an elegant and unworldly stage.

Advertising Agency: Straw, Seoul, Korea
Creative Director / Art Director / Illustrator / Photographer: YoonHo Chang
Published: May 2007


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My materials for work are spoons, forks and knives commonly called cutlery. < spoon + fork >

The fragrance of chrysanthemum - This is a Chinese poem which shows the will to not loose the spirit while reminiscing his home land Sung dynasty collapsed by northern barbarian outlanders.

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A ideia é boa.

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Art without advertising.

While I can appreciate it, it doesn't belong here.

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Again, looks beautiful but what does it have to do with selling cutlery? Still have to give credit to the photographer or retoucher.

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