Rainforest protection

November 2011
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The more mankind evolves, the closer it gets its extinction. 2011 - year of rainforest protection.

Advertising Agency: Staff, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Creative Director: Paulo Castro
Head of Art: Bernardo Machado
Art Directors: Felipe Menezes, Henrique Parada
Copywriter: Maicon Silveira
Illustrator: Otávio Rios

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Phil Indeblanc
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The illustration is rather nice. Clean/cartoon effect noted, regardless..very nice. The composition is a problem, and as mentioned the copy is off.
Silver? Really? I am fairly new here and with the idea of the site, I'd like to stick around and be involved..., but I don't go for public/popularity vote based judging. It's basically invalid on all levels. ...I would love to see the rest of the contestants.
So, as I said...the composition and oval shape give subliminal signals and a juxtaposition of a weak image, surrendering...besides it looking like a toilet bowl. Sorry I had to bring that up, but psychologically speaking...think about it....The only reference the mind has of this shape is a bowl with lid.
Simply tilting this illustration would strengthen it...You don't have to be litteral with the concept/falling tree etc. that message is clear.