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Absolutly enormous ;-)

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Anoop RP - Copywriter

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irrelevant link....sorry bro

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i like

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I remove the earlier comment I made without true knowledge of this pieces origins. Well done to the team who created it, nice artwork.

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Hello, I'm the illustrator of this campaign. I've published from my personal blog last year a mock-up from this work, unsold to the client. This "fake" campaign from my blog has been taken by a Polish blog that I absolutely don't know, it's of course a FAKE.
Now, sold to the client for the brand "Passage du Désir - Alooelub", this campaign is official in France.
Everything is about do be done to suppress the fake campaign.
Thanks for understanding.

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In fact it's the idea of my copywriter Anthony. We made a SIMULATION last year with a brand but never propose this campaign to this brand. And my mistake was to post on my blog. Today we sold this campaign to a real client and it's distributed in France.

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very unexpected......great idea mixed with nice joke!!

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