Alcoholics Anonymous: Woman

An Alcoholics never drink alone. If you need help, call 3315 9333.

Advertising Agency: JWT, São Paulo, Brazil
Executive Creative Directors: Roberto Fernandez, Ricardo John
Creative Directors: Roberto Fernandez, Ricardo John
Copywriter: Juliano Ribas
Art Director: Silvio Medeiros
Illustrator: Silvio Medeiros / Open The Door
Art Buyers: Renata Sayao, Paula Ferrari
Account Supervisors: Carla Magro, Adriana Assumpcao
Advertiser's Supervisors: Silvio Magalhaes, Hugo Luis
Account Manager: Luciana Rodrigues
Planner: Fernand Alphen


kleenex's picture
37403 pencils

Great art.

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Emily Blawyn
114 pencils

agree, great art

bate_palmas's picture
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Mixing too messages. Domestic violence and alcoholism. I realise they are related of course, but it's a little too precise.

And why's he standing in that field?

kristym4933's picture
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It isn't mixing them. All those around an alcoholic: the family, loved ones, friends, everyone suffers because of this person's alcoholism. That is what it is showing here.


LaBrand's picture
56 pencils

Maybe he shouldn't be standing in the field, but art is nice!

Life's Beautiful!

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Sophie Campbel
164 pencils

amazing art

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Ava Spears
144 pencils

i like the idea, very good

Ryan Breat's picture
Ryan Breat
112 pencils

PB grafic, i love it

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Great art, and am loving the black and white treatment. very nice.

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Great line.

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238 pencils


cvchitale's picture
1413 pencils

line is generic......artz awsm....

Saintkay's picture
14 pencils

Nice arts, I like the connection.

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Fernando Fernandes
1397 pencils

Uma boa inlustraçao fala mais do quem 1000 palavras! Sempre!

metis's picture
413 pencils

Great work.

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