Alcoholics Anonymous: Parents

Alcohol affects your own balance, but it knocks over not only you. Search help

Advertising Agency: Torres Comunicação, Fortaleza, Brazil
Creative Director: Benfica
Art Director: Rodne Torres
Copywriter: André Freitas

December 2010


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Hammad S
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This reflects society quite a bit: Ppl who care won't stop the person. THe parent will not stop his/her son/daughter.
Perhaps this ad will get ppl thinking about that.

HOWEVER I dislike that the AA sign is only showing the man the bridge is gone. A person under the influence (drunk or not) will not care. Or at least most of the time. W/e, it doesn't tell me much else of what AA does...I don't it's objective is to let ppl know you're almost dead...

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The AA Logo says "recover" and other 2 things... and i think they wanna say that, if you're an alcoholic you can destroy ur family too, or something like that... the guy is dragging his family with him...

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awsm...good one...

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it makes me sad... making your parents die with you.

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god art.

ad loving mad creative. find me on desicreative.

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Bridge again...

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Powerful lighting.

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