Alberta Wilderness Association: Camping

Camping doesn't have to be a death sentence

Advertising Agency: Calder Bateman Communications, Edmonton, Canada
Creative Director: Kevin Barclay
Art Director: Nicola Pringle
Copywriter: Pierre Chan
Illustrator: Nicola Pringle
Flash developer: Kobayashi
Sounds production: Wave Sound Productions
Video Art Direction: Bryce D'Andrea
Published: January 2010


SAM75's picture
220 pencils

I totally dislike this collection. Killing animals? Or maybe I'm wrong with that logo.

rolling.stone's picture
2740 pencils

something wrong with the logo


~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

Scrapenbaker's picture
405 pencils

its a fake website with a game. in the end its for saveing grizzlies

kingorocks's picture
2 pencils

I like it. It's disturbing and distracting.

capywriter's picture
5511 pencils

seems like it's getting the reactions they hoped to get ;)

Pedestrian's picture
492 pencils

If the reaction they're hoping for is confusion, then yes...yes it is. I for one would advise against using a print ad to draw you to another ad. Basically it's saying, "Here's an advertisement for our next advertisement." As if the world is sitting around waiting to put effort into seeing our ads. It's not Pirates of the Caribbean...nobody wants to see our sequels.

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