Alberta Office of Traffic Safety: Crotches Kill, Girls

Advertising Agency: RED The Agency, Edmonton, Canada
Creative Directors: Ryan Kelly, Dennis Lenarduzzi
Art Director: Regan Fraser
Copywriter: Sasha Newton
Photographer: Darren Jacknisky

February, 2013


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Had a very similar idea to this. I'm undecided on the headline.

If anyone is interested, it was going to be a tv ad where a guy keeps looking down at his phone and then he is at a person's funeral with his head down. Well you get it.

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Ya I totally got it, but don't u think if the same person shows in a coffin, it would be stronger?

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I'm not sure people would feel a threat of being killed themselves, hence why we drive without seatbelts, drink and smoke ourselves to death.

Massive disregard for our own safety and wellbeing. Guilt on the other hand is powerful. As in this ad for speeding

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I can't believe they haven't found a better photographer/retoucher than this... this is terrible!

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I like the look. It's different. And it works for me. Unlike the radio ad.


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