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Pacific Blue
Activity Score 335

Why do you want to save the ears????

/// Pearl Jam is playing here in Madrid ///

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PaulyG_fill in ...
Activity Score 1148

pearl jam is the greatest band in the world

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Activity Score 86

think it's the alarm clock's time...get it?....lame though....

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Activity Score 2171

so the alarm clock's arms are circular?


Pacific Blue's picture
Pacific Blue
Activity Score 335

Got it,
just trying to be sarcastic...

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Activity Score 1368

listen ear Asatsu this is utter clock

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Activity Score 153

Once again, a clever idea is not enough for a public interest client. This is not changing behaviors and actions or making conscience about the problem. People would see it and say "Hey, that's nice" go home and forget this ad. So i will asumme it is a scam.

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Activity Score 703

if that is supposed to be an alarm clock than this is the lamest WWF ad that i've ever seen.


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Activity Score 535

very weak....

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Activity Score 1504

Scam ad (it's time to save them, give me a break). It seems like all over the world the public interest category is an "award opportunity" to a lot of creative teams. At least put some more effort. The more ideas you create, the more chances that you will find something good.

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Activity Score 2592

alarm clock?? i thought it's about shrinking!
boring + misty

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Activity Score 1476

hahahah, sorry a NO for the thais this time!

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The name is White
Activity Score 82

FOR FUCK SAKES GUYS! Tell me, wuld you have seen the clock image
in the logo? Didnt think so. Give the guys a break! FUCK!!!


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Activity Score 703

stop yelling


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Activity Score 48

Evil Knievel couldn't make that leap.

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Activity Score 340

time to go home...

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Activity Score 1634

"It's time to do work that has idea"

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chintan ruparel
Activity Score 1516

"boys, i want the idea ready by lunchtime...anyhow!!
try if u cn do something with the bodyparts..hurry now"
"eureka, look what we got boss!! th ears...they look like an alarm! nobody hs done it before.?
"hmm...good, don't show the whole of it, just close in on the ears. and you (to th copy guy), just write a simple line that anyone, even a tiny, grasshopping toddler can understand...go now..."
(after 10 minutes)
"sir, sir, i got the line - its time to save them...thats what my dad told me when i wasted my pocket money on nightclubs.."
"brilliant! Run it! or, erm...wait, don't run it. its supposed to be a scam, remember?"
(the creative team unanimously)- "ah, ofcourse, ofcourse. v'll send em' to aotw right away"
---the end---
ps > i wish they wouldn't hav said that last line!!!

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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Scam Detector
Activity Score 1048

I see a panda giving a bj...
Reading "Thailand" in the credits confirms that.

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Activity Score 1368

either that or farting ping pong balls out of its ...

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Activity Score 2592

haha, the panda bj made my day

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Activity Score 200

Big idea, not the ad, the panda bj, a little concept twist but works amazingly.

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Activity Score 4

blah blah!

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manpreet singh
Activity Score 2

poor execution

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Activity Score 12

the panda's ears it's looks like eyes in this pic ,and its eyes looks feel so bad