Alachua County Humane Society: Cuteness

A new life awaits.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Toronto, Canada
Creative Directors: Israel Diaz
Art Directors: Israel Diaz, Gail Pak
Copywriters: Steve Persico, Marcus Sagar, Cam Boyd, Craig Lobban
Model Makers: Odette Johnson, Cuppa Coffee Animation
Photographer: Lee Towndrow
Art Buyer: Leila Courey
Account Executive: Katie Musgrave
Published: April 2009


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the headline is nice!

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hello! i am from china i like this picture very much . but i don't know the meaning of it exactly. the opinions of Americans about protecting the pets and small animals. could you help me?

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In my opinion, this is not a very good ad campaign. The purpose is to promote a humane society which exists to promote the kind treatment of all animals. Years ago, people believed that animals could not feel pain the way humans do. We now know differently, but there are still people who persist in cruelty to animals. Beating them, starving them, hurting them. Humane Societies rescue injured animals and try to find loving homes for abandoned animals.

This ad campaign using the stupid, but cute little stylized cat and headings such as "You are powerless against the force of my cuteness" completely ignores the fact that many injured animals are NOT cute. They are injured, crippled, blind, ugly creatures in pain. Focusing on the CUTE does nothing to educate people about humane treatment OR about having compassion for all animals, not merely the kittens of this world.

I give this ad 1/10.


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dats very true... damn cute

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This campaign is a hit with my daughters.

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