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Thats quite a good insight into how a big night can ruin what would have been a better tomorrow.

I can sympathise. Therefore I like it.

It's only an ad.

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somewhat interesting visually, but as an idea it's kinda boring. everyone knows that a hangover can make for a tough day, but what does this ad do to expand upon that thought? this is not news and therefore not much of a campaign.

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Matt Aubie
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I'm going to disagree with tjb... yeah, everybody does know what a hangover can do for the day after....but everyone relates it to headaches and fatigue... This takes it a step further and explains what the headache and fatigue will do. The concept is great in my opinion.

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good concept.. but the scenario could have been more tempting..

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Not very convincing to me...

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The whole campaign is really good

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