Al Nafoorah Restaurant: Crab

Seafood. Now in fashion for Friday lunch.

Ad created to promote a seafood lunch at an upmarket Lebanese restaurant catering to a highly fashion conscious clientele.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy One Worldwide, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Art Director: Satyen Adhikari
Copywriter: Paddy Maclachlan
Illustrator: Jomy Varghese
Photographer: Nader Bilgrami
Stylist: Saher Khalil,
Account Manager: Johnathan Tozer
Published: April 2007


restless_r's picture
275 pencils

I like the concept here, but the visual is not delivering the message rightfully (not on style as it should be) specially with this horrible hair cut !!! , Again bad art direction

Get-a-Fix's picture
351 pencils

damn right! da 1st thing i noticed was da strange haircut!

A. J. SMITH's picture
2834 pencils

Thats not bad. A little light but it works fine.

The model is pretty too.

It's only an ad.

bhirusen's picture
26 pencils

I think its an overused concept - but works for the target, also I'm sure they are not aiming for Cannes.

addyhoch10's picture
2592 pencils

the beast in her neck looks scary. so does the art direction.
doesn't convince me that this is a stylish resto.

justpassingby's picture
1368 pencils

this is utter crab!

justpassingby's picture
1368 pencils

a blind man walks past a fishmongers and says, "morning girls"

Beatboxer's picture
1519 pencils

Fishmonger replies: 'See ya...'

kalpesh78's picture
2580 pencils

don't like it..keep the ideas simple.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

Tapper's picture
490 pencils

This is great if it came out in 1980, or 1890 even. its a load of crap man. Get a grip. It makes no sense.

Strip. Strip. Strip.

Marucuturu's picture
120 pencils

I don't think is that creative, but they could have improved it by using just parts of the food, not the whole thing. The same goes to the fish ad too. Make the crab look like something fancy, that's the though task.


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