Al Flaherty's Outdoor Store: Fall

Spot the hunter.
Al Flaherty’s Outdoor Store.
Everything you need to be invisible.

Advertising Agency: Cheil, Toronto, Canada
Creative Director: Joe Mussico
Art Director: Donald Vann
Copywriter: Jason Partridge
Published: September 2012


certaintly's picture
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now, im not a hunter and dont know much about hunting, so ill ask: dont hunters need to be visible so that other hunters dont see him?

ivan's picture

Yeah, they do. They have two different clothes for two scenarios. One is camouflage to hide, another is bright colors to be seen.

mmackinven's picture
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Bright colours to be seen by humans, as animals such as deer won't see bright orange camo :)

emiliete's picture
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Is the hunter supposed to be in the picture?

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