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It's the ritual of having a smoke after dinner (or sex). It seems that way in this visual.

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oh very nice, I like it :)

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Dont get it... I have 2 theories:

1. There is still steam cause the guy eat it super fast because is really yummy.
2. Is so hot that the plate is still "on fire".

Any others suggestions? ;)

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The seasoning was so good, he/she finished it the instant it was laid on the table; even when the food was still steaming hot from the kitchen.

No matter wat u do,
33% of the people will love it,
33% of the people will hate it,
And rest won't give a #@%#.

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To be very honest, I don't know if it's because the person ate the food that fast or if it's because it's some sort of spicy seasoning.

Or was it because the food was still hot from the kitchen, as creazy said it?

You have to hate advertising in order to truly love it.

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Come on, it's "someone ate the food so fast" And it's good.

Jaggy, MICA Ahmedabad

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Ajinomoto is bad for health.

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