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A house should smell like a house.

Advertising Agency: Y&R, São Paulo, Brazil
Chief Creative Director: Rui Branquinho
Creative Directors: Rui Branquinho, Flavio Casarotti, Alexandre Vilela, Felipe Gall
Copywriters: Alexandre Vilela, Felipe Gall
Client Team Directors: Adriana Leite, Adriana Anido
Account Director: Valeria Ordonhez
Planners: Fernanda Flandoli, Eliana Yamaguchi
Photographers: Art Luz Estúdio, Donaire
Print Producers: Elaine Carvalho, Flavio Zamboni
Account team: Priscilla Campolina
Account manager: Claudia Menezes
Art Buyer: Monica Beretta
Media team: Gustavo Gaion, Fabíola Sidorenko
Aired: September 2012

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cvchitale's picture
1243 pencils

jajajajajajajajajajaja.....nice one....

lezy's picture
377 pencils

really liked the thought and the execution is even better...
interesting n different...

plain awsmmmmmm....

mr.x's picture
952 pencils

A shoe that smells like a living room, is what this ad says to me. Pretty bad and farfetched.

chicagohour's picture
361 pencils

@mr.x..its other round

A living room that stinks like a shabby and worn out shoe...


robthelad's picture
120 pencils

I like the idea. But I agree with Mr.X...

The art should have depicted a more, "The man who lived in a shoe" style house, you know the one, a big boot, front door in the heel, windows in the front toe area, a little garden out front with washing on the line.

So the shoe IS a house. Not a living room in a shoe.

Just my thoughts.

Ekscusemeplease's picture
10 pencils

hahaha..nice one!!

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