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good use of the product. very clean and simple.

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nice, BUT ... looks a little too samiliar to the condom campaign from Lwe Bull just a few months back where the condom packs (of different colours) formed various images of people in different positions. C'mon CLM, you do better than that *tssk tssk*

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i confused here...is this ad for chiclets? or does chiclets have something to do with this rock festival? or are those not chiclets at all? and if not...what are they?

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Dude its a gum company that puts on a rock festival. The gum makes rock. and rock beats scissors, go scissors!

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is airwaves the gum or the name of the show? i really dont like how there is no mention of the gum company and wouldnt they want their logo on this somewhere?.

ive seen things used as pixels a million times..and executed in a much better manner than we're seeing here too..maybe its just me but this isnt working.

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easy tiger
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i'm confused too ...

can't really read ... but like it anyway ...

well done !


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