Airtel: Engineer

Don't lose your contacts when you drop your phone.

Advertising Agency: REDIFFUSION Y&R Gurgaon, India
Chief Creative Officers: Ramanuj Shastry, Sagar Mahabaleshwarkar
Executive Creative Directors / Creative Directors: Deepesh Jha
Copywriters: Deepesh Jha, Megha Dutta
Advertiser's Supervisor: Navin Shenoy
Account Supervisor: Jaideep Mahajan
Art Directors: Jaideep Mahajan, Shameem Mohammad, Anunay Rai
Photographer: Tarun Vishwa


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yeah! it's more realistic. gave 10/10

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What would be more realistic is if they came up with an execution that does not involve dropping a phone from 10 floors up. Most drops that kill your phone happen from about waist or desktop high.

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Awww... where's your sense of the dramatic?

Besides, people do drop their phones from incredible heights, though you may not encounter it every day. My wife dropped her phone down a flight of stairs once.

My only gripe is that the campaign uses the exact same executions for all three ads, just with different heads and ground.

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problem is, as you might imagine, on a waist height drop, no one would get the idea. plus you'd need a really weird shot to get the scene. you need the feeling of scattering the contacts like the parts of the cellphone over a wide field

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such a lovely campaign

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i love this campaign

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so little people in ur phone?

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love it damn cool....

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Emran Hayat
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good job guys :o}

Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm

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nice one.makes a lot of sense.

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Wow, one person is the ECD, the Account Sup AND the Art Director on these ads. When does he ever sleep, I wonder?

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That means it's a scam ad he attached to a real client. He probably had the idea, talked the client into, and since it was his baby he ran with it from there.

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great stuff

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SMS backup, this what it's said.
Too many kept in memory.

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Who is that guy with the helmet watching down under me?
I've not lost my phone. So why should I see death people down there?
You corrected properly the adv in the first one "Tourist" where finally I am the unlucky tourist who lost the phone: no one else.

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GREAT campaign for an useless product :)
don't get me wrong. great visuals.

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been done guys, in film last year, same idea, just the people are alive!

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very nice. good job guys. hey Brand guidelines?????Trihan YR Sri lanka

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the Idea is good. but still a negative kinda stuff.

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deserves the gold... I must say - it made me laugh like a child

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