Air France: Jetty

One of the best places on earth.

Advertising Agency: BETC Euro RSCG, France
Creative Director: Rémi Babinet
Copywriter: Rémi Noel
Art Director: Eric Holden
Photographer: Jonathan De Villiers

January, 2007


chintan ruparel's picture
chintan ruparel
1516 pencils

someone righly said, god is the best art director...these look classy and serene. good thinking Euro RSCG

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

hang-the-dj's picture
1262 pencils

Nah, I think even God (if he existed) would come up with an actual idea, not just throw a nice shot together with a seat number.

Rather see work from the Devil any day...

tiny_wordz's picture
325 pencils

hang-the-dj, you are evil. and most especially, you have a point. no idea here.

copycomoelcopi's picture
822 pencils

oh, i think you're wrong. have you ever been seated in a plane for 14 or 16 hours? when you have to fly for a long time or too often, the promise of "good place ON EARTH" is a fine promise to believe.

hang-the-dj's picture
1262 pencils

Thanks tiny, you are a true non-believer, welcome to Club 666.

jennywhx's picture
1142 pencils

really pretty photograph, but i prefer the tree house idea better. i feel sky in cabin, how do i feel stream?

kandi's picture
204 pencils

You feel stream when the passenger next to you wets himself during take-off and landing. And it's a nice visual but what a doesn't feel like that on Seat 2A at all...

jennywhx's picture
1142 pencils

haha. you're funny :P yeah.

_inkpact's picture
84 pencils

week idea, true. very air france, though

PaulyG_fill in the blank's picture
PaulyG_fill in ...
1148 pencils

I agree that there is not really any idea here. Their promise is a lie of such magnitude that it borderlines on being absurd. A more realistic approach would have been better. Show us what differentiates your airline from other airlines - but implying that I'm not going to be able to differ between sitting on a plane for 14 hours and the dock at my cottage just makes me think that there really isn't any solid selling feature of your airline. What you're really doing is just selling fluff.

tsunamilaw's picture
115 pencils

well executed and simple....

Adbabel's picture
54 pencils

This campaign is filled with so much warmth. except this one! the other 2 are real sweet!

hang-the-dj's picture
1262 pencils

Are you taking the piss? Tell me you are taking the piss. If that fills you with warmth, head back to your Friends DVD and stay the hell away from advertising, this is fully matured cheese of the stinkiest kind. Sweet as a pound of parmesan.

You've changed man...

me thinks's picture
me thinks
722 pencils

Great photo. Excellent concept. Extraordinary campaign.

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