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Marlus Lau
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I believe many wont' get it. Anyway, it doesn't impress.

What are they trying to sell? You will take pictures of the whole world or the camera has a wide angle lens?

Maybe I didn't get it.

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Reality Check
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The seamless retouching, art direction and concept are subtle and graceful.

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ek kanya
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i dont get it. what is the product?

is it a wide angle lens?

what are the product attributes?

that its a wide angle lens?

whats the benefit of using this product? that I can shoot polar bears witout getting killed? then itshould be an ad for a tele photo lens, no?

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penguins live on the south pole, polar bears on the north pole.
with wide lens you can take a photo of both in one shot.

nothing special.

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Chori Arg
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many people doesn't know that penguins and polar bears live appart. thats a reason this piece can fail.

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I learn something new today watching ads! (i was interesed to)
-target people hate ads...

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J Designer
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I thought this was a fair idea. What do they teach in school if people don’t know simple facts like penguins live in the South Pole, polar bears live in North Pole.

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J Designer
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Sorry double post.

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eerrrr... don't get it either XD

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Done before

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I didn't get this at all, until I read the comments on here to see that penguins live on one pole and polar bears the other - you learn something new every day!

I suspect there are loads of others who don;t know about the 2 animals living on different poles, so for that reason I don't think that this advert works.

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at least say wide-lens or something....


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Not easy to understand. It won't deliver the message effectively

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nice postcard

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