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ahmed ragheb
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gr8 idea but i liked the previous one !! much MORE !! .. KEEP KICKING

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Audrius Kubrik
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penis is a piggy!

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Is this suppose to be a blowj*b or what???

When little kids see this they'll say, "mommy, why did the pig build his house shaped like that?"

and when adults see this they'll think, "shouldn't condoms not leak out white stuff at the tip?"

This is an ad-gone-wrong!!!

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Hahaha... agree.

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Actually, I think it's a direct reference to the Three Little Pigs tale.

You know, how the houses of straw and sticks get blown down and the brick one didn't? The brick condom is a direct allegory to that; The brick house withstood the wolf's effort to blow it down, and thus provided the best protection for the pig who lives in it. The condom is like your house of bricks; It protects your body from the force of the AIDS virus trying to access your body and destroy it, like the wolf tried to access the house and eat the pig.

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Ad Junkie At Large
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haha this is just an excuse to do an ad for condoms without actually doing an ad for condoms, how dare you use aids awareness as an excuse to slip silly dick jokes past your creative director.

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this is a one person agency?

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