AIAIAI headphones: Sexy

Making sound sexy since 2006.

Advertising Agency: AIAIAI, Copenhagen, Denmark
Creative Director / Art Director: Peter Mix Willer
Copywriter: David Lange
Photographer: Rasmus Dengsø
Published: October 2013


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they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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To clarify a few things and the idea behind the ad:
Vice magazine presented AIAIAI with a challenge: make an ad that goes with our October issue dedicated to Bob Guccione, the man behind the legendary erotic magazine, Penthouse. This resulted in an 'erotification' of the Tracks headphones model and an homage to the female silhouette.

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In that case – problem well solved.

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old stuff!

Simple ideas are the best !

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Nice use of line, text, and object to make up the female form. Though I'm not sure how the sound is supposed to be sexy.
Mix_Willer's comment is very helpful to me though, adding context to the ad. Within that context, I understand where they went with this. In that case, well done, though I wonder if they looked at other angles to do the female form so it wouldn't seem so straight on. Perhaps they settled with this because it is incredibly recognizable.

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old stuff and how i know ,coz i did the same thing for a college project

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with headphones?

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well its old stuff agreed..but still successful at getting attraction

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Giving headphones?

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