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Not Woody Kay's picture
Not Woody Kay

Don't you get the feeling the creatives had much better lines than this, and the client picked the safest ones?

Nthngmn's picture
Activity Score 626

Well that's their problem. "Never present anything you don't wanna see running."

Not Woody Kay's picture
Not Woody Kay

So true, Nthngmn. But this might have been Round 139 of presentations. I know we're all supposed to keep doing our best until the bitter end, but we also all get burned out on a project eventually.

tourist's picture
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...but then, why post it on here if you know it's crap?

Not Woody Kay's picture
Not Woody Kay

Self-hate? Suicidal tendencies?

kyao888's picture
Activity Score 127

I feel blue....depressed....darkness....

Boxey's picture
Activity Score 8881

Hard to read.

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