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Fu**ing Old.
Since the rise of Vik Muniz art, in the last 5 years every year someone is trying to draw with things...

One year is the Levis campaign (faces in jeans), the next year moto parts from a Harley, the next year drawing with marmelade (love it or hate it)

Too late Hermanos...

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Funny, this looks exactly like an advert for a radio station (FLO 93.5) using dance steps to create the faces of pop artists running right now in our transit system.

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There is another on Brasil, people dancing made by fingerprints...
The fingerprint was there to tell something about pressing the Play buttom...

I´m tired of this gimmick

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Thanks darkside. I am tired of my own work from seeing it ripped off by people like that. In Brazil it's every week. I came to art from advertising and have always been proud of it, but when I see these lazy bastards with their art books filled with post-its, I feel glad to be out of the business.

I am tired of this gimmick as well.

Vik Muniz

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me like idea: self-made man

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complete rip off of a campaign 180 did for adidas 10 years ago.

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