Água Cristalina: Waste, Tap

The water that you waste is the water you'll need.

Advertising Agency: Pandora Comunicação, Natal/RN, Brazil
Creative Director: Caio Victoriano
Art Director: João Filho
Copywriter: Tiago Mesquita


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instead of buildings, you could ve used things that reflects more the need of the water...

nothing really special overall

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only look intresting

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Convoluted indeed. Too bad, because the illustration is well done.

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I doubt the message would be the same if, instead of buildings, trees, plants, and animals wouldve been used.

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Jaap Grolleman
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Looks like a duotone ad seen before, made in cartoon. Sorry couldn't find it.

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Pablo Allende
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Look intereesing.

Quem fez a arte final? Oi, sou Dir. de Criação em Mossoró e também postei uma peça. Confiram. Aguardo críticas e sugestões: http://adsoftheworld.com/forum/59554

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nice illustration. but didn't get the "need" message from the visual.

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nice illustration. but didn't get the "need" message from the visual.

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...aaand that is the problem. Not a tiny one I can tell you. Really bad ad, works reversed.

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Miss Copywriter 22
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wow i'm loving the visual.....almost makes me feel ,our earth is so lush that we won't face any scarcity issues in the near future !!!!

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This is quite an interesting ad.
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gud luck

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Essa ilustração eh do Zcool hehehe

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Geat visual, bad copy...

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More visual less meaning

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