Água Cristalina: Waste, Shower

The water that you waste is the water you'll need.

Advertising Agency: Pandora Comunicação, Natal/RN, Brazil
Creative Director: Caio Victoriano
Art Director: João Filho
Copywriter: Tiago Mesquita


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Marlus Lau
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I don't like it. The idea is so so, I don't get the purpose of that little car standing there...about the execution: where the water gets back into the ocean is not good, badly executed. Where the sprinkler is set is also not good, it seems the AD wanted to make something realistic, but didn't realize how to do that! The details are reckless!

The wood sign says: "It's not about a long bath taken. It´s about 135 liters wasted every 15 minutes". In case of someone gets curious.

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I think the art is fun.. I'm just not really understanding the presentation of the idea. It appears to me that we don't have a problem at all - the water coming out of the shower head is all going back into the ocean and completing a perfect cycle...so nothing seems to be wasted. If it's saying that this is an ideal picture that doesn't exist - it's extremely convoluted.

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Exactly, my friend. Worst type of mistake - it shows that there is no problem at all. Own goal.

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Rolou um minu"L"tos ali.

Vamo aprender a escrever né?

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nice execution, but i didn't get the point!

Everybody is creative, be yourself.

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Pablo Allende
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I think it's interessting for comum people.

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i like the thought, but unfortunately the massage it's delivered to short...

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himanshu prabhakar
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Grass is not actual .

Himanshu Prabhakar

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the picture is well done, for the idea i'm not sure...i undurstand it but it may be more disgusting or tragic

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don't Illustrators get a mention on these sites anymore?

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