Against gerontocracy in Italy: Virgin Mary

When the managing director was 80 years old, he defied the waves with his yacht. There the Immaculate Conception, in disguise, made him slip down to the deep.
For Divine Grace
The young executives

Advertising Agency: Cayenne, Italy
Copywriter: Evelin Loprete
Art Director: Giorgio Tezza
Illustrator: Marco Marella
Creative Directors: Giandomenico Puglisi, Stefano Tumiatti


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Crisp One
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These are all awsome...*****

Especially the direction is on point.

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Seen it.
In the eighties...

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Why beeing so mean? This is fantastic. Great illustration, great concept. Wish I had it in my portfolio. What about yours Mr. Eighties?

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john doe
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illustrations are quite nice. but the concept... hmm...

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Okay, what's it selling? That we should turn age-ist and immediately dismiss anyone over a certain age as no longer worthy?

Yeah, nice art and all that. But I'm not sure I'm real wild about the core message presented in this series.

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