Against gerontocracy in Italy: Holy Ghost

When the head physician was 75 years old he run on his 500 horses. The Holy Ghost turned his eyes down and burned him and his car in an eternal flame.
For Divine Grace
The young executives

Advertising Agency: Cayenne, Italy
Copywriter: Evelin Loprete
Art Director: Giorgio Tezza
Illustrator: Marco Marella
Creative Directors: Giandomenico Puglisi, Stefano Tumiatti


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There is something very Italian about these ads (and I am Italian).

Seeminqly, the brief asked to say something positive about the sorry lack of young people with real power in our country.

The solutions is: nobody make a move, but if the old guy dies by chance, let's thank god.

Backward concept, great art, extremely stiff copy.

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Put it in an art gallery then. Does not make any point.

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