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wow, so much hate for this campaign. i think it's fun, but don't most phones nowadays give you the news? it seems that the concept is struggling, despite the out-there-ed-ness of the executions (which are great, eff them haters). however, for a phone if the selling point doesn't differentiate itself from other phones then you have built a crazy fun house on a foundation of sand. still needs work.

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nice ad but dont you think its carrying more than paper.means print and motion

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no no no !

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I think this works quite well. But shouldn't the line be more like "Get the news delivered on your phone" or something? That would leave a little bit more to the imagination, after all

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Ok, just to clear everything up. Aftonbladet is an evening newspaper known for it's bold breaking stories and shocking photos. The font used is universally recognized in Sweden as Aftonbladet's typeface, as well as the red bar underneath. They don't even have to mention their name in their ad because of its recognizability.

What they're advertising now is their Mobile news service. They're basically saying, come check us out on your mobile. It's just as good as getting the paper! Almost.

I thought it was funny how people were getting frustrated trying to figure this out. Now! Discuss something pertinent!!!

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